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The Lorain Wheelmen is a group of road cycling enthusiasts. We have both men and women members. Currently our membership ages range from the mid 30’s to mid 70’s but all age groups are welcome. Distances vary with the time of year but summer Sunday rides are in the 50-60 mile category with a stop for a bite to eat about the halfway point. Weekday and Saturday rides are around 30 miles each. Saturday rides often include coffee at a local restaurant. This summer, as light permits, we will have a Tuesday night fast ride (6:15 pm) which will average 20+ mph.   Winter riding is based on temperature and road conditions. Generally, if it’s above 25 degrees and there are dry roads there will be a few hearty souls seeking to ride.   Average speeds on our rides vary to some degree but will most likely average between 16 and 20 mph. We have incorporated a “sweeper” on all our rides so no one gets left behind. Our club encourages any individual who enjoys riding with fellow cyclists to join us on one of our rides.

We sponsor four tours throughout the year, with the “Red Flannel Metric Century

as our club signature event.  

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Lorain Wheelmen

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