Rider Logs

2018 Edition!
he first log is a PDF file with a generic calendar.  Just download it and fill it in with a pen/pencil and maybe put it in a binder.  You can also fill it in as a interactive PDF form, the totals will be generated for you.  Save it as a different name every month.  There's a button to clear the form, save it and print it.

You'll have to copy it and send it to the Road Captain ... probably via snail mail if you use a pencil or scan & e-mail if you entered the data into the monthly log.

2018 Edition!
The second is an Excel Workboo
k that is compatible with all versions of Excel from 95 to the current (2010).  It has twelve pages, one for each month.  It's dated for 2018 and has holidays, Wheelmen rides & other dumb stuff on it.  As you log your monthly mileage it keeps track of monthly and YTD mileage.  Each day has TWO cells, one for your mileage and one for a comment.  You can e-mail the current month to the Road Captain (right from within Excel) to turn in your miles.  Note to Office 2007 (& newer)  users ... the option is gone to imbed the sheet in the message, you'll have to attach the entire workbook or copy & paste the sheet into the body of your outlook message.

You type your name on the January sheet where it says "Your name goes here" and it's copied to all the month's sheets.


A universal (updated for 2018) calendar!
The third is a universal calendar
based on the Excel Workbook above.  It has macros that zero out the current year and start a new one.  You just clear the year and start over with the same sheet.  Either RUN the two macros to refresh the year or download this one as I've already done that for 2018.  You'll have to set your macro security to "medium".  Each time you open the workbook you'll have to click "enable macros" cause it's not digitally signed.  Of course, you can digitally sign it yourself ... Carl & I did it, but it's not for the faint of heart on 95 & 97.  The upside is it's universal!  You'll never need to get another.   This workbook is also compatible with Excel 95, 97, 2000, XP & 2003!  It also works in Excel 2007 & 2010 in the compatibility mode.  You can e-mail this one right from Excel to the Road Captain ... same as the other Excel log.  Note to Office 2007 & 2010 users ... this option is gone!  You can't imbed the sheet in your message, you'll have to attach the entire workbook, or highlight & copy it.  Then go to your message and "Paste" it.  That's what I do.


Click on the log (graphic) you want to use & choose "Save" to download it!